The beginning

So guys, this is going to be my blog for the 5 months I´m staying in Canada:

I flew away from (cold) Germany at Wednesday morning. After saying goodbye to my parents at Hamburg Airport I got on my plane, where many other exchanche students were too, who partly had such weird conversations like „my mum only allowed me to take one pair of jeans with me“. In Frankfurt I had to walk a very long distance to get to the right gate. There I met two other girls from Ayusa, who now live no ttoo far away from me. After 8 hours of flight, two movies, no sleep, a fabulous view and a very rough landing I first had to get through lots of controlling points of Toronto Airport (which took veeeery long) to finally get my suitcase. Outside a women from „Readleaf“ and the other 3 German girls were waiting for me. Then we waited for a group of Spanish people and after they finally came out we were driven by an old, yellow school bus to our hotel. For dinner I had fish&chips (very yummy!) and then we all fell into bed.

The next morning I woke up at 6am, I saw the darkness going away and the sun lighting up the CN Tower (which I could see from my bed:).  After bacon&eggs for breakfast the yellow school bus took us to Niagara on the Lake, where we had lunch and some free time. Then we drove on to the Niagara Falls. We went on a boat tour where we all got wet (luckily we wore those pink and extremely good looking raincoats :P) and then we had more free time. Steffi and I walked closer to the falls and on our way we took lots of photos, went into stores and had a long talk about homesickness and living in Canada ;). For dinner we all went to the „Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls Canada“. The food wasn´t the best, but afterwards we all bought the obligatory t-shirt :D.

The last day in Toronto began with a fabulous breakfast. I had french toast with a mountain of fruits and my neighbor had a huge pancake filled with chocolate, bananas and cream. She couldn´t even eat half of it. Afterwards our yellow school bus took us to the CN Tower. Up there we had a great view and the glass floor was also cool!!! Suddenly a guy carrying a huge golden cup came in and everybody took photos of him. They told us, that he´s a basketball player from Toronto, who plays in the NBL:o. Then we drove back to the hotel, packed our suitcases and had an orientation, where we talked about living in a host family and so on. After we talked about everything, we got on the yellow bus again and were driven to  the school in Barrie, where our host family picked us up.




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  1. *omg* B-) I thought you would write your experiences in german language so it would be easier to understand. 😉 Now I have to concentrate my brain cells to understand it. 😀 But nice to hear on this way from your first experiences. Wish you more of it. 🙂
    Take care, Cosima

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