The First Week of School

Ok now guys, the first week of school is over and I have so much to tell you!

As I said my host family picked me up and we drove to Collingwood. There we ate dinner at the Smokey´s, which is a restaurant where everything you get is smoked, even the ice cream (ok, it´s not really smoked, but it´s with smoke flavor). It was the last night in Canada for my host sister Kate, the next morning we drove her to Toronto Airport from where she flew to Amsterdam to work as an Au Pair. At the airport we also picked up Noelia, who is from Spain and stays in my host family aswell for the next three months. Back at home, my host family looks like this: my host dad Thom, my host mum Lynn, their 24 year old daughter Christine, her fiance Julian from Switzerland, my 17 year old host brother David, Noelia from Spain and the dog Sterling. The next two days, Sunday and Monday (which was Labor day, means no school) I did nothing, except going to Walmart (the first time in my life!). On Tuesday, my 15th birthday, was the first day of school, but all international students of the Simcoe School District did  trip to Wye Marsh, which is some kind of national park. We learned about the dresscode, did canoeing, baked some native bread over a camp fire and saw owls and falcons. Us Germans had much fun with the Brazilian guys:). Back home my aunt (she lives in Canada too) visited me and brought me a present and a cake.I showed her my room (which is green and purple by the way) and we had a long talk. After her visit we had dinner and for desert birthday cupcakes and cake.

The next morning was my real first day of school. Noelia ans I waited in front of the guidance office to get our schedules. There was a huge line because everyone wanted to change courses. Fortunately we got in as one of the first and the women there told us to go to the ESL-course (English as second language). There we met all the other international students of Collingwood CI again (many Japanese and Spanish people, 1 boy from Chile, 1 girl from Brazil and me, the only one from Germany). First our teacher, Ms Bell, showed us the school and we got our lockers (:D). After this lesson we went into the guidance office and finally chose our couses and got the schedules. My first class is ESL of course, then I picked music, which is playing in a band every lesson :DDD, then Maths grade 11, because it´s much easier here in Canada at last and Canadian History. But the best thing about it is that I´ve got these classes now every day, means just four lessons per day. School starts at 8:45 am and ends at 3:00 pm (but the bus arrives not until 3:45 pm (much time to go to Tim Hortons)) , you are allowed to leave the school campus and my teachers don´t give us much homework ;). In the evening Noelia and I went to Walmart to buy school stuff and ice cream 😛 (my first Oreo-ice cream). So, the next days of school were much fun, music was the best (of course;)), maths was quite easy and history was watching movies (history is watching movies everywhere I guess). Noelia and I finally figured out how to take the school bus, Sara (a Brazilian girl) and I finally found our classrooms and I got to know new people (mostly international students, but also some Canadians:)). The evenings were great too, I tried to play basketball, Dave showed me how to play a video game and I showed him „Sherlock“ (I love this series!), the food was good too and the most important thing: NO homework!

Then weekend came up, Julien flew back to Switzerland on Saturday and I visited my aunt. There I cleaned the barn with my uncle and my cousins Emma and Christopher, we played baseball and had self-made bread for lunch. Then they showed me how they can walk on the slackline and we fed the clydesdale-horses (my aunt doesn´t own them, they belong to some neighbor, but the horses live partly in my aunt´s garden) and pet the cats. We also jumped into the pool, which was very cold, but also fun. For dinner we had pizza and watched „Jonny English 2“.

Now it´s Sunday and I´m looking forward to Monday and School (I know it sounds weird, but school is sooo relaxed here and I will meet my new friends again!).

I really love it here in Canada!!! 😀

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