How My Canadian Life Looks Like

So, live goes on here in the 2nd largest country of the world.

My school days mostly look like this: I get up, eat breakfast and all this usual stuff. Then Noelia and I walk up the street to the spot where our school bus picks us up. After a short ride we arrive at school where us international students spent the spare time with getting coffee at Tim Horton´s or …doing nothing. Then I go up to my grade 9 English class (I was able to change from the ESL-course to this one, which is more advanced). After singing the national anthem we write our journals and work on some projects. At the end of that period the school news are shown on TV and the bell ending the first period rings. I go down to music class, which is still the best! We practice scales :/ but also play cool songs like „Treasure“ and Gordon Goodwin pieces and it´s always soo much fun! And twice a week I´ve also got A-band practice (that´s during lunch or after school though). Then at lunch usually all the international students and some Canadians sit together in the cafeteria and afterwards we visit Tim Horton´s again or the Candy Factory. At 12:25pm I´ve got Maths (quite easy level, Maths in Germany is way harder) and in Canadian History we watch movies all the time. When school ends at 3pm, there´s more spare time to just hang out until the bus arrives at 3:40pm and takes us home.

Last Friday night there was a dance at school, which was kind of fun too, but us internationals didn´t really like or know the music. This night Yuri (from Japan) slept over at my house. The next day my host parents took Noelia and me to a church picnic, where we froze, but I discovered that Canada Dry Ginger Ale is the best soft drink of the world. The next week Noelia, Meri, Natalia (all Spanish) and I watched „If I stay“ (veery sad), Dave and I discovered that watching „Lost“ all night is fun and one morning all internationals went on a walk through Collingwood .At the weekend Sara, her host-parents and I went to Niagara, watched the falls and did a lot of shopping :D. The next week Yuri and I went to the movie theater to see „The Maze Runner“: On Wednesday was the Terry Fox Run which is where the whole school goes on a walk (some also run) and you donate money to cancer research. Terry Fox had cancer and wanted to run across Canada afterwards to draw attention to cancer, but then his disease came back and he died after he ran through approximately half of Canada. Our teacher cried when she told us the story. But the run was fun, we met Owen, who tried to talk German and Japanese? and the landscape was nice too :P. Last Friday our host parents took Noelia and me to a church dance. Here the music was way better but we didn´t know anybody (awkward…) until Thom introduced us to some people and at the end it was quite good.

Now here the leaves are turning red, yellow and orange and it just looks …wow! It is so nice here, everybody, who thinks about doing an exchange too, just do it! It´s worth the work you have to do to get here!

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