Red and Yellow – Black and Yellow

„Welcome to fall!“-our English teacher welcomed us one morning. And really everything here glows in red and yellow, the temperature can´t really decide whether it wants to be summer or early winter and it smells like St.Martin and Halloween outside. Life is still awesome and I did some great things the past weeks:

We started the new week with a lot of chocolate, Noelia and I found a brownie back mix -sooo delicious and in Canadian History class we had to do models of a battlefield in WW1 and some kids were so nice and did that on huuuge chocolate cakes ;). During the week Noelia and I rode bikes to the Blue Mountains to  take some pictures, but it was already too dark. When we came back we did a bonfire with hot dogs and grilled peaches. Then weekend came up and Noelia and I went to Yuri´s house in Wasaga Beach. In the evening we went to the beach, which is the longest freshwater beach in the world, and to Timmi´s, watched a movie and played ice hockey table (instead of soccer table:P). The next morning we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and Yuri came back to our house. Her and I rode our bikes into Collingwood to buy some stuff and I messed the streets a little bit up so we went in the completely wrong direction and unfortunately it was freezing soo much. So we watched even more tv and were so tired that we went to bed quite early. The next day after she was picked up by her host family, Dave taught me some tricks on the skateboard. It was a relaxed Sunday again.

The next week was pretty usual, we went to the movies on Tuesday with Alberto (from Chile) and Nathalie. Alberto really wanted to see this horror movie -Annabelle, I was swearing in a mixture of English and Germany most of the time and Noelia was always laughing, I think we pissed some people off, but the atmosphere in movie theatres here is more relaxed than in Germany. The rest of the week went by really fast with a lot of watching „Lost“ of course :P. Thursday was a football game with a pep rally and we all dressed up in black and yellow and did face painting.The game itself was ok, but no matter who I asked, nobody could tell me how football really works and it was freezing outside, so we went into the gym to watch the basketball game. Anyways, everybody was pretty excited about this whole day, the drumline was playing, someone was running around in an owl costume, because that´s the mascot of CCI and before the game everyone was dancing a certain dance, that was funny! Friday then was the last day for Daniel and Ilham from Spain, so we went to the pizza place after school and had lots of fun there too ;). So now it was thanksgiving weekend (in the US thanksgiving is celebrated on another day, but the Canadians do it on the actual day). Saturday our parents took us to a town names Tobermory, where they closed their trailer while Noelia and I walked around the trailer park and the harbor. Then they went to a baptism in Owen Sound and we spent our time in the local Walmart. Sunday was just relaxing then. Monday morning we picked Yuri at her house up, went for some ice cream and Thom showed us the beach at daylight. At our house we were just hanging out and had a huge thanksgiving dinner with turkey, mashed squash and potatoes or something like this and many different kinds of pie. With full stomachs we fell into bed after driving Yuri home.

So Tuesday were just sitting in Math class when the fire alarm started. We all thought it was just a drill again like the two times before in the past weeks. It was a little confusing though when firefighters in full amour entered the building. It was a real fire. Some grade 9´s should have burned toilet paper in the washroom -weird idea, eh? But the good thing was that we had no school for the rest of the day. We were also not allowed to enter the building for a while, so Luis, Alberto, Kaitlynn and me went with Nathalie to her house and afterwards to Dairy Queen until the busses arrived. I missed my bus though, because it always arrives earlier than it´s supposed to come. So my hostmum Lynn picked me up. Unfortunately the fire was near the music rooms, so music class is a little bit difficult to do right now, doing theory in the cafeteria isnt´t that much fun 😛 I hope we can do band practice at least tomorrow! It´s funny somehow -burning the toilet, where did they get this idea?? 😀




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